Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Window Wednesday

This has been an atypical rainy season.  Rainy season usually starts mid-May and ends mid-November. However, this year the rains didn't come as expected and Nicaragua found itself in a drought.  It was devastating for the farmers who weren't able to plant their first crop of the season. Yet, as of late, the rains are coming steadily....nearly everyday.  As my friend recently pointed either love the rain or hate the rain. At our house, we tend to love the rain. In fact, Andrew said he wished it would rain everyday.  With the rain comes overcast skies and cooler temperatures.  However....with the rain comes MUD! (And wild hair... hair that just loves humidity. For all you Friends fans...Jeff has actually referred to the tropical Monica hair episode when commenting on my hair. I will try to take an accurate photo of this one day and then humble myself by posting it to the blog.)