Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Teachable Tidbit: My Cat Ate My Schoolwork

One of the experiments in our recent science lesson was to look at how fossils can be made in clay, silt and sand.  So we gathered modeling clay, silt (dirt) and sand and we attempted to make a seashell fossil with homemade plaster of paris (good ol' flour and water).  Well, we ran into two problems.

Problem #1: Nothing ever seems to dry in Nicaragua.  Even after setting the containers in the hot sun, we still ended up with sticky goo. By the way, when we made salt-dough ornaments a few years ago...they turned back to dough while hanging on the Christmas tree.

Problem #2: When you have an outdoor cat that LOVES bread and all bread-like products, including dough, your schoolwork is not safe as it attempts to dry in the sun.  The dogs also enjoyed the leftovers when we weren't looking.  I guess we will find out tomorrow which one ate the bright pink modeling clay.