Saturday, December 13, 2014

Palm Trees vs. Pine Trees

A year or so before we moved to Nicaragua, Jeff and I were considering attending a veterinary continuing education conference in **Turks and Caicos (well, Jeff would attend the conference while I relaxed poolside or strolled on sandy beaches).  A tropical get-a-way seemed so luxurious and romantic.

Fast forward to today....I now live in a tropical country.  It isn't so romantic.  I am sweaty (not in the glistening kind of way). My hair is BIG even if I try to straighten it. It is too hot at times to even hold hands (so forget dancing romantically by the ocean!).  Coconut trees are dangerous (I've heard it said that more people die from falling coconuts than shark attacks). There are bugs and lizards...a lot of them (I showered with a colony of ants this morning). Did I mention how hot it is?  And the bugs?

Currently, I have NO desire to ever visit Turks and Caicos (or any other tropical island or country for that matter). Tropical vacations are forever ruined. Plus, I don't really understand the hype about sunsets over the ocean...yeah, I know...go ahead and judge along with my husband.

My new idealistic romantic get-a-way is a mountain setting. Pine trees instead of palm trees. Crisp, cool air that helps my hair stay straight and the type of 'heat' you can extinguish or turn off.

Funny how perspective changes everything. However, you all can keep idealizing that tropical vacation and I will keep naively idealizing that mountain get-a-way!

**We actually stopped planning the trip to Turks and Caicos and decided to visit Nicaragua in the Spring of 2009 as a family instead of going to that vet conference in May of 2009 as a couple! Oh, the irony!).**