Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday's Teachable Tidbit

More than once (and I'm sure many times to come), I've had to say: "If you knew it all and knew how to do it all perfectly, then you wouldn't need to be in school."

And yet, I get frustrated at having to teach my kids how to do something.  Closer to the truth is that I am lazy and wish they could just teach themselves.

I didn't go to school to be a teacher.  I don't know how to teach.

Somehow, though, it seems hypocritical to preach "loving to learn, learning to learn, love learning" when I could teach myself to teach. I could put the effort into educating myself through the millions of resources, websites, blogs, books for homeschooling mothers on how to be a homeschooler.  So, to be practice what I preach, I can't just sit back and say "I don't know how to teach."

And I find myself back at the ugly truth that I am lazy and I'd like them to 'just know it all.' 
Which brings me back to the reason why I am homeschooling...character development....my character development...well, all of us, really.

This is a journey we are on.  Unfortunately, I am great at packing and planning...I have yet to learn how to actually ''journey" along. So, little by little, I am learning to make a homeschool plan for the week.  Set overall goals and smaller ones. Teach myself to teach. And accept large amounts of God's grace daily.

As a family, we are in this together and we WILL learn to learn together.