Monday, March 23, 2015

An Excerpt from Noah's Book

This is written in the font called dyslexie which was created by Christian Boer. You can read about it and download a free version here. Noah has written 4 chapters so far. I have corrected his spelling for both ease of reading AND because he wants to know how to spell the words correctly.  I have added a few quotation marks as well. ENJOY!

Chapter 2

Bracht Clan heard that TorClan was talking about getting a warrior cat. Puff Tail said “yes” but Trash Hunter said “NO!” “Why not?” said Suzie. Because then TorClan will win said Trash Hunter. But if they get another cat then we both will be even.

So the next week Suzie and Puff Tail went out of their hut and they saw a black cat. Then they went to the cat. She said, “I don't want to be in Bracht Clan.” We know. You want to be in TorClan. Yes, I do said the black cat. We will show you. Ok. Then they walked to the hut of TorClan. Then Coal Heart went in TorClan's hut. Then Tormentor said “Get them!” But Coal Heart said, “NO!” They were bringing me. Then they asked her name. My name is Coal Heart. Cool said Tormentor. We will train you. Ok. Where? In the middle. Ok. So when? Now. I think at nighttime. Ok said Tormentor. Good.

So soon we will surprise Bracht Clan because we will be in their hut. But we will get captured by them. No we wouldn't. Yes we will said Coal Heart. NO we wouldn't! Said Tormentor. Then it was time for them to train. Then the warriors went to Bracht Clan. But when they got there they got captured in the Bracht Clan's hut. So they made a deal. Suzie and Tormentor had to fight each other so TorClan said yes. Ok. Suzie and Tormentor started fighting each other. So Bracht Clan won the war. So TorClan had to stay for one week at Bracht Clan's hut. Then TorClan went away from Bracht Clan. Then Coal Heart went away from TorClan. Then went to Bracht Clan. And she asked to be in Bracht Clan. And Trash Hunter went to TorClan and asked to be in TorClan.

*Noah was inspired by the books Warriors by Erin Hunter that his big brother enjoys reading.