Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Plans Vs. Steps

The purpose of this post is not to boast about my kid. Although, I could.  I am exceedingly proud of him and beyond humbled by him.  I am writing this as a reminder to myself (and perhaps even a reminder to you, the reader) to let your faith in God be the motivation, strength and thought behind your goals, hopes, dreams, and expectations.

This morning, Noah found a book on our shelf called Wesley the Owl.

This is not a simple, beginner's chapter book.  This book has small print and big words. He said, "I am going to read this book." And he is--reading this book--right now as I write this.

Every few minutes, he stops and shares something about what he read. A few times, he has come to ask for clarification--on words like "T.V." and what the "big-band era" was.  I've thumbed through the book myself, as I had planned on reading it.  It has words like 'circumstances.' He probably isn't getting every little detail; but he is engaged and interested.

This kid, who, as many of you have read on this blog, lives with and works through several learning challenges (I think that is the new 'PC' term).  Noah continues to amaze me, as well as, challenge my own learning and thinking.  Please know, I am his biggest advocate. He is a brilliantly creative kid.  He is a learner! That said, I am tempted to and often do set lower goals for him than perhaps I should.  I am a realist in every pessimistic sense of the word.  While I expect him to work and try to the best of his ability, I grossly underestimate his ability. I want him to feel success in learning, so I set manageable goals.  Yet, he climbs over the hurdles, sometimes knocks them down and sets higher goals.  I believe he takes to heart on a deep level the fact that with God on his side, he is capable of whatever God has planned for him.  His learning 'challenges' are far more assets than disabilities.

He may not finish this book.  However, he is reading it now. I am humbled by his perseverance and excitement for learning. I love this kid and he is teaching me more than I could ever teach him.

I hope that this can be a source of inspiration or perhaps conviction to you (as it is for me) to not be limited by man but rather allow our path to be set by the Lord. His plans are always perfect and for our good. Like Proverbs 16:9 says, "We can make our plans, but the Lord our determines our steps."  It seems our plans are often achievable and manageable because we make plans according to our limited view of ourselves.  God, however, walks us--step by step--along into the greatness He has determined is best for us.