Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How Things Seem To Go Here

Would you like to know ‘how things seem to go here’?

A friend of mine invited our kids over for dinner tonight so that Jeff and I could have a date night.Yay for date night!

Instead of going out to a restaurant, we decided to splurge on some “imported” frozen pizza that is reminiscent of our early married years…Totino’s Pizza which is sold and grossly overpriced at one of the supermarkets here in Nicaragua. (Going out would mean more make-up which was just going to slide off anyway since it is so crazy humid-hot!)

We walk to the frozen section and guess what?! Yup, either they sold out out or no longer sell it. It is entirely possible they will NEVER sell it again. That is ‘how things seem to go here.’ So we opt for another nostalgic dinner—bread and soft (spreadable) cheese. We grab the cheese and head to the little bakery section to get this special type of bread this is actually soft…and guess what?! Yup, the only ‘good bread’ is sold out. The bread that is left is the tasteless, stale baguettes that could knock a baseball out of the park. So, we opt for an imported box of sesame breadsticks….which ended up being rather stale as well. But…that is ‘how things seem to go here.’ 

Either way, we mostly enjoyed our spreadable cheese and stale breadsticks.  We DID enjoy uninterrupted conversation and the Hershey Bar that we shared....just the two of us...without having to open the wrapper oh-so-very-quietly so children don't come running and asking for some.

Am I bitter about this experience? No, not really. It is absolutely necessary to have a sense of humor about ‘how things seem to go here’ or you end up being rather bent out of shape about frozen pizza that you really only like because of the sentimental value.