Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Worshipping While Wandering in the Wilderness

Wow, how is that title for alliteration! 

So, I’ve been reading through the book of Exodus very slowly over the last month or so. It is a very interesting book to read when you are in the midst of transition. What a rich and profound read!  I’ve been learning a lot from Moses and the Israelites. I’ve experienced God in new ways through this story in part because of where God has us right now. 

I was first struck by the verse, “Let my people go, so they can worship me in the wilderness.” (Exodus 7:16) [emphasis mine]

We were still in Nicaragua at the time that I noticed this verse. We were on the verge of leaving our home of five and a half years and stepping into the unknown. Yes, we know America as a location--however, we had (ok, have) far more unknowns than knowns on this portion of our journey.  The wilderness represents the unknown. It is neither here nor there. It is not ‘home’. It is the unsettled territory that lies between what was home and what will become home. At times, it is uncomfortable. It can be scary. It pushes us past what we can do for ourselves.

And yet, God calls us to worship Him in the wilderness. Eyes focused on Him. Fellowshipping with Him step by step. Remembering that He’s got this. He has a plan. God was calling the Israelites, while in their homes (albeit in a place where they were bound by slavery) into the unknown wilderness. Unknown to them. Known to the Lord God. 

Faith. Trust. Risk. And Worship.

**I humbly ask you to stay with me as I continue to share my thoughts and musings on what God is teaching me through the book of Exodus.**

Although, the view from the wilderness ain't bad!