Sunday, May 15, 2016

Re-Entry Observations

Some 'randomness' to start the week off right....

  • Butter stays solid without refrigeration in Colorado.
  • Chips don't get stale if the bag is left open BUT bread gets hard if the bag is left open.
  • Toilet seats are cold in the morning.
  • Speaking of toilets, you can flush paper here. (Caught myself looking for a trashcan in someone's powder room the other day in which to put my toilet paper. That would have been awkward.)
  • The check-out person has no need to touch my credit card....I can swipe it myself...or insert it into the chip reader--which by the way beeps loudly when you need to remove your card.
  • You have to bring your own cart out to the car.
  • There aren't any guards at any of the stores. Cameras suffice. The kids say America must work on the 'honor system.'
  • Water and Sanitation fees are WAY higher here. But then again, you can also drink from the tap.
  • You can cross 'the paint' on the road...mostly. 
  • You can return things...even if you kinda used them. A.MAZ.ING.
  • Decision-fatigue is a real thing. (Just stick with the 'flavor' of Cheerios you know!)
  • It is quiet at night.
  • Hello--daylight savings! It is light out until 8ish!
  • I still reach for the emergency brake where it was in my SUV in Nicaragua. 
  • Left is HOT, Right is COLD--they're not both cold.
  • If you spill sugar or something sweet on the counter--it is not covered with ants within minutes.
  • Irony: expensive avocados and mangos (tiny expensive avocados and mangos) and cheap apples and berries.