Monday, July 4, 2016

It Takes Time

Someone recently asked me, "Now that you finished your DIY bedroom furniture project, does it feel more like home?"

No. Not really.

Just because my clothes are now placed in the newly painted dresser doesn't mean I am settled. Don't get me wrong--I am SUPER excited to have a dresser, night stands and headboard & footboard. I've never actually had matching bedroom furniture before--it is a lovely thing to behold.  Yet, I am still in the process of re-settling.

I am learning that 'feels like home' takes time. It takes more time than you think. It takes more time than, perhaps, others would like to 'give you.' You can't rush it and you can't predict how much time you will need to 'settle'. I am still kind of 'surviving'. I am accustomed to 'surviving'. It is how I've made it this far without sofas and proper dining room chairs. However, surviving isn't necessarily the healthiest approach or place to camp out. On certain levels, I survived living cross-culturally. I have also survived, in different ways, moving back to the States. Yet, I am in the process of re-settling. After re-settling is 'settled' and that is where 'thriving' takes place. I am not there yet...and it takes time to get there.

Now tomorrow, we will will move forward one more step. Our three-piece sofa set will be delivered tomorrow. That means we can all sit on a sofa in the living room. That means guests can sit on something other than the floor. It is another step toward being settled.  See, having 'seating' options means you can have people over...and with people come relationships. Relationships are key to thriving...because God made us for relationship...without them, we merely survive.