Sunday, July 17, 2016

Reflecting Creativity

As some of you know, I have been working on and documenting my DIY coffee table project. Now, I'll be the first to admit...I, generally, am not a fan of DIY posts. Yeah, it's true. I am not a big fan of Pinterest...but I do have a Pinterest account. My dislike of these things is not because I don't like the stuff...but it is SUCH a temptation to compare myself to others and then take that comparison and let it affect my sense of self-worth. And admittedly, I am quick to judge it as being superficial and show-off-y. Yet...

There is another side to DIY posts and the sharing of creative ideas. We are, after all, created in God's image...and none is more CREATIVE than HE. He has decorated this world far more intricately and beautifully than our minds can truly comprehend. He cares about the 'environment' in which we live and enjoy Him. He adorns this world with amazing and beautiful things. As image-bearers of God, we reflect and express that creativity. Some of us 'express' God's creativity in ways that can be easily pinned to a Pinterest board...others reflect and express it in more linear and scientific ways. Thus, the 'showing off' of DIY projects in its purest form may be an expression of creativity that has been gifted to us by God. For example, my friend Yeymi in Nicaragua enjoys making amazing creations out of fomi. She will use these creations as gifts to bless others. Yeymi reflects God's creativity [Yeymi se refleja la creatividad de Dios.]. DIY projects are not a first world luxury. Creating and constructing are not bound by culture or economics. Creativity and its expression is inherent in being God's created.

For me, 'creating' is an outlet and expression that I really enjoy. I like building, painting, constructing, and using power tools. It touches a place deeper inside my spirit. While we lived in Nicaragua, I didn't have the bandwidth in my spirit to fully express this creativity. It was, at times, stifling. Admittedly, now, I have more margin for my creative expression...not to mention a pile of free pallets! I have really enjoyed the opportunity, as of late, to 'be creative' in building furniture. I do love functional and unique creations! It is even therapeutic and worshipful. I listen to music and spend time conversing with God as I sand or paint. I get to exercise the part of me that reflects God's Creativity. It is a way for me to glorify God.

Just for is a picture of the coffee table that I made from a pallet. NOW, don't be like me and be tempted to compare yourself. But DO take a minute to ponder the amazing ways that you bear the image of God.