Friday, July 22, 2016

"The Follow-Up"

I am so glad that people took me up on my offer to email and push back on my last blog regarding "dichotomies" and "newsletters." Some of the responses that I've received have given me much to think about and reconsider. Sometimes I want to take a grey issue and make it black and white. But alas, God speaks of mystery and things we can not understand...and those are colored grey! As a research-obsessed nerd, I am enjoying digging into Scripture to find greater clarity. It is fun!
I have been stretched and challenged. It's a good thing to be stretched and challenged. I will continue to ponder these issues. 

A few thoughts or conclusions:
  • The connections that my mind makes between things are NOT the connections that other people's minds make between things...or at least not to the same degree.  For example, the issue of a missionary's newsletter writing and accountability to donors (in relation to raising support) is not necessarily related to the spiritual vs. secular dichotomy in the minds of others.
  • The secular vs. spiritual dichotomy is the main issue that motivated me to write a post. In processing aspects of this blog post with my kids, it became clear to me that I want to be certain that our family doesn't give credit to the notion that one job is more 'valuable' or 'worthy' in God's eyes than another provided that they are glorifying Him in what they do. It was an enlightening conversation as I asked them to label jobs as 'secular' or 'spiritual'. We then debriefed the effect of that labeling and discussed that as believers in Christ there should not be a difference in professions based on the verse of 1 Corinthians 10:31.
As I said in the original post, I am NOT opposed to sending a newsletter or being held accountable to others. Communication and accountability between donor and receiver was not and is not my main point--it was an example of the dichotomy, that in my mind, made sense. It might just be in MY mind! Scripturally there is clear evidence of missional giving, financial responsibility, accountability and partnering with one another in God's Work. We certainly have enjoyed the privilege to partner with others in whatever and wherever God has placed us.  

As I process our time in Nicaragua, I have had the opportunity to see things from a slightly different perspective -- 'margin' and lower humidity do that!  I might post other controversial musings. I hope you will stay engaged. I promise to post fun stuff in between the serious stuff! 

***[Feel free to continue to email me your thoughts regarding this...this follow-up is not the end of the discussion!]***